Wouldn’t it be great to keep your windshield clean 100% of the time without the worry of running out of windshield washer fluid?

During the summer of 2008, the Brimtech Self-Filling Windshield Washer System was born! Brimtech’s founders were on the road and ran out of washer fluid in the middle of a thick cloud of bugs. They discussed how great it would be to have a washer reservoir that could keep itself topped off full. The two started working on their idea the next day.  It took several years of engineering and dozens of prototypes to get it perfect.

In 2013 they introduced to the market, the world’s first fully automated Self-Filling Windshield Washer System.

The Brimtech Self-Filling Windshield Washer System collects the condensate water that drips off of the car’s air conditioner, filters it and transforms it into quality windshield washer fluid.


Brimtech’s Founders, Jim Weigle & Robert Tupper

at the 2014 SEMA Show in Las Vegas.

Brimtech has created the perfect solution for you.

After years of conceptual design and thorough engineering, production began on the world’s first self-filling windshield washer system.

  • Compact system

  • Innovative Design

  • Resourceful

  • Affordable

  • Eco-friendly

Eliminating unnecessary waste with this green product reduces the consumption of potable water being used in the development of standard bottled windshield wiper fluid by never drawing water from our fresh water sources.

This inadvertently reduces the use of large plastic bottles and carbon emissions in the environment allowing its consumer to be assured they are playing their role in a healthier, happier planet Earth.

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Our Guarantee

The Brimtech Self Filling Windshield Washer System is covered under a 1 year limited warranty.

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American Born

The Brimtech Self Filling Windshield Washer System is proudly designed and engineered in the USA!

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