Aftermarket System Questions:

Q: Why do I need a Self Filling Windshield Washer System?

A: The Self Filling Windshield Washer System is convenient, economical, provides safety and benefits the environment in many ways.

Q: How is this system eco-friendly?

A: This green product reduces the consumption of potable water being used in the development of standard bottled windshield washer fluids by never drawing water from our fresh water resources.  This inadvertently reduces the use of large plastic bottles and carbon emissions in the environment allowing its consumer to be assured that they are playing their role in a healthier, happier planet Earth.

Q: How does Brimtech help to reduce carbon emissions?

A: The Brimtech Fluid Charging Cartridge weighs about 1 ounce and makes 10 gallons of windshield washer fluid. Windshield washing fluid purchased in 1 gallon bottles weighs 128 ounces.  The shipping weight of (10) 1 gallon bottles is 1,280x more than that of the Brimtech Fluid Charging Cartridge. This saves fuel currently burned shipping that extra weight from bottled fluid manufacturers to market, thus reducing carbon emissions in the atmosphere.

Q: Is condensate water good for cleaning my windshield?

A:  Yes! Unlike tap water, condensate water is free of minerals and chlorine that is found in tap water which can clog your washer spray nozzles.

Q: How does this product provide a safer driving environment?

A: The Self Filling Windshield Washer System gives the driver the ability to wash their windshield as often as needed, allowing the driver to have a clean windshield 100% of the time. This eliminates the possibility of a blind spots or glare on the windshield leading to potentially hazardous accidents.

Q: What will happen to the Aftermarket System in freezing temperatures?

A: The Aftermarket Self Filling System shuts off at just above freezing temperatures, insuring there will be no damage done to your Windshield Washing System.

Q: How many gallons of washer fluid does the Fluid Charging Cartridge make?

A: The Fluid Charging Cartridge makes 10 gallons of high quality windshield washing fluid.

Q: Is the Aftermarket Product easy to install?

A: Yes, it is very quick and easy to install.  Please see the installation video on the Aftermarket Install page before installing.

Q: What happens after the Fluid Charging Cartridge makes 10 gallons of fluid?

A: The Self Filling System will still send filtered water into your windshield washer reservoir. It will only be pure water and will not have the great bug and grime cutting power that an active fluid charging cartridge will provide. To ensure you always have quality washer fluid, we suggest keeping an extra cartridge in the glove compartment of your car so it’s available to change at your convenience. The fluid charging cartridge is so small that it won’t take up hardly any room in your glove compartment.

Q: Can I just fill my washer reservoir with tap water for free?

A:  Tap water will eventually clog the washer jets. The condensate made from the air conditioner is free of minerals, chlorine, and hard water deposits. Plus, if you’re filling from the tap or bottled fluids, you will still run out.

Q: I get my fluid topped off at the place that changes my oil...do I really need a this Self Filling System?

A:  Is it tap water or fluid from a bottle? If you are filling manually you will still run out of fluid and it is taking from our fresh water resources. In the future, you will see oil change shops offering to change your empty Fluid Charging Cartridge while the oil is being changed.

Q: Can I add an antifreezing agent to my washer reservoir during the winter months without harming my Aftermarket Self Filling System?

A: Yes! The Aftermarket System will automatically shut off at just above freezing temperatures. For winter months, you will need to use subzero fluids.  They will not harm the Self Filling System.  When the weather warms above freezing temperatures, this system will automatically turn back on by itself.

Q: Is the Aftermarket System covered under a warranty?

A: Yes! The Aftermarket  System is covered under a 1 year limited warranty.

OEM System Questions:

Q: What is the difference between the Aftermarket System and the OEM System?

A:  The Aftermarket System is designed to work in warmer climates and will shut off at 32 degrees F.  The OEM System is designed to operate in all weather and will continue to produce windshield washer fluid in sub-freezing temperatures.

Q: Will the windshield washer fluid produced by the OEM Self Filling System freeze?

A:  The OEM System adds anti-freezing agents to the windshield washer fluid that it produces to keep it from freezing.

Q: I don't run my A/C in the winter. How will this system produce fluid in the winter?

A: On most vehicles made today, the air conditioner will automatically turn on with the defrost.  This produces condensate on your air conditioner evaporator coil which supplies the water needed for your windshield washer fluid.

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