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Never run out of washer fluid again

Our patented Self Filling Windshield Washer System transfers treated condensate water that is dripped from your vehicle’s air conditioner and delivers it into the windshield washer reservoir automatically.  Brimtech offers two types of Self Filling Windshield Washer Systems – the OEM Self Filling System & the Aftermarket Self Filling System. 

Our OEM Self Filling System, adds anti-freezing agents into the collected condensate water along with the cleaning additive to keep the system working in sub-freezing temperatures.  

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Our aftermarket Self Filling System, which is currently available to the general public, shuts off automatically when the washer reservoir is full or when driving in freezing climates.

When the system is in the off mode the condensate from the air conditioner will drip to the road surface as it normally does on all vehicles with A/C.  Our aftermarket system is totally independent from the vehicle’s A/C unit and will never interfere with it in any way.

Aftermarket Self Filling System – Technical Details & Information

  • Our condensate connector with a 3/8″ hose attaches to your vehicle’s air conditioning condensate drip-pan discharge where until now it would normally drip water to the road.

  • The small 1/8″ hose with the grommet and the sensor attaches to your car’s washing reservoir.

  • Our sump unit is small enough to fit on the palm of your hand is also the system control module.

  • The Fluid Charging Cartridge & mounting bracket is about the size of a spool of thread and makes 10 gallons of high quality windshield washing fluid.  This fluid provides a remarkable clean and also costs less per gallon than bottled fluids.

The treatment that turns the water into washing fluid is done via the Fluid Charging Cartridge that the condensate water passes through on its way to the windshield washer reservoir.

We have designed this aftermarket system to be extremely affordable and easy for the consumer to install on their vehicle.

The Self Filling Windshield Washer System is powered by your vehicle’s 12VDC power supply.

Most of us try to conserve our washing fluid and we only use it when the windshield is covered with bugs and road grime, because of the reality that we will run dry if we use it too much. Sometimes we do run out of fluid in the middle of a nasty washing where there’s just enough fluid left in the reservoir to make a smear of bugs and dirt that will dry up on the windshield.

Our system will never run out!  Even when the Fluid Charging Cartridge is spent of all chemicals, filtered water will still make its way to the reservoir. Automobile owners will enjoy having the Self Filling Windshield Washing System on their vehicles. After you have experienced it, you will never want to own another vehicle without one!

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The Brimtech Self Filling Windshield Washer System is covered under a 1 year limited warranty.

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The Brimtech Self Filling Windshield Washer System is proudly designed and engineered in the USA!

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